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Service. Everyone can GVBack 1 Hour Per Year In Your Community. 

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Diem Van Groth is a seasoned executive and trailblazer with twenty-plus years of global experience and expertise in corporate strategy, business development, enterprise sales, and project management. At the age of sixteen, Diem started in the mailroom of Midwest Federal Bank and then interned in the Corporate Finance Department of investment bank Dain Bosworth, now Royal Bank of Canada, two years later. Diem has worked across the US and globally in Hungary, Vietnam, Namibia, and New Zealand.
Diem is the founder of GVBACK LLC, the creators of the first digital immersive and interactive college metaverse in the US,, and the strategic advisor to ReConnect Rondo Inc. (RCR) , the organization leading the creation of an African American Cultural Enterprise District connected to a land bridge in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Diem created and to promote one-hour service projects globally and highlight community organizations and people on the frontlines of building communities where everyone can thrive. Diem is the executive producer for the independent feature film Trace The Line shoot in 2020 during the pandemic and social justice summer.  Diem's first feature documentary, Minnessippi, is currently in production.

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Hunter Van Groth is a GenZ influencer and connector on the frontlines of metaverse development and content production. Hunter is co-founder of and founder of GenZ connection company

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