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Kentucky Schools Making A Good Day for America.


The Kentucky GVBACK Tuesday 2020, organized by the Superintendents of Augusta Independent School District, Robertson County Schools, and Frankfort Independent Schools are giving back an hour to mobilize one of the coolest student-led education community support projects in the country.

On Saturday, May 30, 2020, student-led teams will engage in multiple community service projects to benefit the communities of Augusta, Mt. Olivet and Frankfort, Kentucky. Our teams will volunteer time to help our local churches, nursing homes, food banks, civic organizations, non-profit groups and city officials for causes that will benefit our residents and local communities.

The Kentucky Good Day Project invites our communities to volunteer 1-hour for our local efforts. The student-led teams will engage in spring community clean-ups, provide free yardwork to elderly, shut-ins, handicap, and low-income residents, assist churches with stocking food banks and deliver care packages to nursing homes to name a few. The day will end with a curb-side pick-up of Kentucky BBQ for our volunteers and live broadcasts of the special event. [SOCIAL DISTANCING WILL BE OBSERVED AT ALL TIMES]

The Kentucky Good Day 2020 Project kick-offs a $1M fundraising campaign to provide funding for school districts across Kentucky to support students during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 when they need us more than ever. Augusta Independent, Robertson County Schools and Frankfort Independent will each receive $250K and the additional $250K will be payed forward to benefit more school districts and students across Kentucky.



Funds will be used to provide:

  • Academic programs to support closing achievement gaps, interventions, remediation and acceleration of learning.

  • Technology support for one -to - one devices and equitable access to home Internet and digital learning resources and programs.

  • Science, technology, engineering and math STEM programs for robotics, 3D design and printing, coding, app development, graphic arts, social media courses, bio medical programs and others.

  • Mental health services, social, emotional and physical wellness services, telehealth, school -based therapists, mental health counselors, social workers, school resource officers, and school healthcare clinics.

  • Arts and Humanities programs for creative writing, world language, visual and studio art, performing arts, music, film, video production and editing.


The Kentucky Good Day GVBACK Tuesday 2020 Project will serve as a model for others to replicate and develop their own personalized projects to benefit their schools, organizations, companies, etc. and payed forward to create a GVBACK Tuesday ripple effect. Our project, networks, and resources will be shared with others and a GVBACK Tuesday Project developed annually to help fund new school projects across Kentucky. 

The Kentucky Good Day GVBACK Tuesday project tax-deductible donations can be made to the Augusta Independent Educational Foundation, Inc. at the link provided. For more information or questions, contact Augusta Independent School District Superintendent Lisa McCane at 606-756-2545.

The Kentucky Good Day GVBACK Tuesday 2020 Project shows the world what Kentucky schools can do together during these tough days of school closures, layoffs, and a pandemic health crisis to make the world a better place one hour at a time.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our project and consideration to make a donation to support students across Kentucky. Your support would be graciously appreciated.


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