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Kiwi Power Kids Project “Every lunch you buy means we can Give lunch to a Kiwi kid who would otherwise go without. It’s a little gesture that’s had a great impact on so many Kiwi kids. With a good lunch in their tummies, the kids do better in so many ways, from helping them focus on learning to simply just putting a smile on their faces.”

Eat My Lunch is a purpose-driven business with a mission to ensure no child goes hungry at school. Through our ‘Buy One, Give One’ model, EML has given over 1.5 million lunches to kids in the last four years.

Kiwi Power Kids Project (KPKP) is a Global GVBACK Tuesday 2020 Featured Project that encourages New Zealanders to donate a lunch or two, as part of a fundraising campaign to donate 1,000 lunches by June 15, 2020. The campaign supports our ability to provide food assistance during the upcoming Covid-19 Winter 2020 so that no New Zealand kid goes hungry. Your generosity directly supports our ability to serve each day.

To purchase a lunch for a Kiwi kid, Click Here:

To Follow the KPKP Campaign Visit: or VISIT US:

Kiwi Power Kids Project (KPKP)

EML NZ Video   HD 720p

EML NZ Video HD 720p

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