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White Bear Nation Helps Navajo Nation

Updated: May 7, 2020

White Bear Lake High School H20 Partnership

For GVBACK Tuesday 2020, Minnesota native, Carol Stoddart, is supporting White Bear Lake High School and H2O partnership. We salute her efforts! White Bear Lake High School has partnered with H2O For Life for many years and this year is no exception. This pandemic has given our students a historic chance to help out people in our own country with unbelievable needs.

The Navajo Nation currently has been decimated with Coronavirus. As of April 27, they had 1,873 positive COVID-19 cases and 60 known deaths. An estimated 40% of residents don't have access to running water, making hygiene practices extremely challenging.

This is where we can help. H2O For Life has partnered with DigDeep to bring water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities to the Navajo Nation. DigDeep is currently working non-stop to deliver soap, build hand-washing facilities and provide lifesaving water for residents. GO BEARS!

To help support their efforts, visit https://www.h2oforlifeschools.org/sponsors/770.

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