• GVBACK Tuesday 2020

Seeds To Harvest Project

Polar Nation Coming Together To Plant Seeds Around Minneapolis’ Oldest High School.

Planting Seeds To Harvest Success

“Our North Community High School student-athletes took it upon themselves to volunteer their GVBACK 1-hour to beautify the community surrounding their school and raise the money needed to make a real difference for residents of North Minneapolis for this upcoming summer.  That’s a beautiful thing.” -Legendary North High Polar Boys Basketball Coach Larry A. McKenzie

On Sunday, May 24, 2020, North High School students and Minneapolis Northside community groups will kick-off Global GVBACK Tuesday 2020 by giving back one-hour of their time.

Get Involved by donating one-hour to one of the following projects [email brett1mn@gmail.com to get more information and sign up for one of these projects]:

  • Check-in with seniors in your neighborhood.

  • Plant flowers or tress.

  • Food Delivery.

  • Finish Census with your family.

  • Apply for Absentee Voting Ballot.

  • Computer Donation / Repairs.

  • Spring-Clean The Front and Back Yards.

Remember this is for just one hour on that day and social distancing guidelines will be followed. *Take A Photo and/or Video of Your Service Project and post with #gvbacktuesday, or send pictures and video to brett1mn@gmail.com. Your individual projects will be part of the Global GVBACK Tuesday 2020 Official Video and will be used to help the Seeds To Harvest Funding Campaign below.

  1. The project invites neighbors living around North Community High School (Fremont Ave – Penn Avenue: Plymouth Ave – West Broadway) to join them by volunteering one hour to do yard work around their house and for a neighbor who may be shut in or unable to spring-clean their front and back yards.

  2. Each Senior of The Minneapolis North High Senior Class of 2020, will be given a native Minnesota tree sapling to plant as congratulations for graduating to the next level of life.

  3. The city of Minneapolis has been asked to clean and beautify school streets, properties, alleys, parks, and common spaces in the project area.

  4. The one-hour service projects kick off a $250,000 campaign to fund: (1) Local sports/leadership development programs; (2) Provide resources for local arts and culture initiatives, institute community safety programs; (3) Support health, and mental wellness providers; (4) establish a healthy eating program with local restaurant, coops, and grocery stores; (5) Lend support to local businesses and entrepreneurs that are working together to stabilize the community for the upcoming summer 2020.

  5. A census participation and voter registration team made up of several non-profit groups will canvas across North Minneapolis.

On the evening of the Seeds To Harvest effort, Sunday, May 24, 2020, at 7 pm, a celebrity-led virtual "Minnesota Dance Party" celebrating the High School Class of 2020 will be lived stream on Facebook for seniors across the state.

During this time of social distancing, health concerns, and economic hardship, the young people of North High and Polar Nation are using teamwork to find solutions to the challenges they are facing. This project is sawing the seeds for an inclusive, supportive, and thriving Minneapolis to blossom. North Community High school and our neighbors invite you to join us in making our city a better place one hour at a time.

The Northside Seeds To Harvest Project is a Global GVBACK Tuesday Featured Project.

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