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Angel Wings 2020

Updated: May 25, 2020

Union Rescue Mission Los Angeles GVBACK Tuesday 2020 Featured Project to raise $1M.

The Union Rescue Mission’s (URM) “Angel Wings 2020” campaign is a Global GVBACK Tuesday Featured Project aimed at assembling one thousand care packages for the people they serve each day. The project is helping raise awareness for the vital work the URM is doing to help the over 58,000 people devastated by homelessness living in the City of Angels.

For over 128 years, people with feelings of distress and despair have been coming to the Union Rescue Mission seeking help.

The CEO and President of URM, Reverend Andy J. Bales, lost his leg because he would walk the urine-soaked streets of Los Angeles’ Skid Row that were swimming with flesh-eating germs each day. His mission was and continues to be: Get people safe housing across Los Angeles—the nation’s homeless capital.

A youth-led, business supported, artist created, and community mobilized project was initiated to create care packages and help bring immediate attention to URM’s funding campaign to raise $1M by June 30, 2020.

Care packages consist of a reusable plastic bag filled with hygiene and personal care products and a hand written note of encouragement from the person who assembled and donated the care package. Needed items include the following and more:

•Sanitizing hand wipes, small bottles of hand sanitizer, face masks

•Bottles of water

•Pairs of socks

•Granola bar, similar individual-sized nutritious snacks, fruit snacks

•Feminine hygiene products

•Tooth brush, toothpaste

•Combs, picks, hair brushes

•Chewing gum, playing cards, small dominoes sets

•Small personal flashlight with battery

A personal note of encouragement

If you are interested in contributing a care package, leave a message at www.gvbacktuesday.com or go to www.facebook.com/gvbacktuesday to find drop-off locations near you.

You can also send care packages directly to the mission:

The Union Rescue Mission

c/o: Tim Peters_GVBACK TUESDAY 2020

545 S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

For more information about the Angel Wings Project, to contribute a care package, or donate to the funding campaign www.urm.org, please email or call Tim Peters, Director of Philanthropy, tpeters@urm.org, 213-316-2742.

Tune into URM's "ANGELS OF HOPE" TV Special Event May 16, 2020.

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