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About GVBACK. 

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GVBACK launched in 2017 to give back 1-hour each year to local community efforts and projects. The GVBACK Tuesday Platform (website and social media channels) is not owned or operated by a formal entity or organization. Instead, a few dedicated volunteers created this platform to spotlight 1-hour service projects worldwide.


The movement expanded to multiple days to accommodate more organizations and projects. In 2018, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Los Angeles) invited more companies to their office complex, including Amazon Studios, Oracle, Naughty Dog, AMC Networks, JUCY, New Zealand Tourism, American Airports Corporation, and Bay Club to join them in creating care packages to be distributed by The People's Concern, one of Los Angeles County's most prominent social service agencies. Two additional GVBACK days were organized to continue to support The People's Concern work with Los Angeles' homeless population. 


The care package idea started as an effort by LA music artist and producer Benn Good. He and fellow LA music industry leaders created "blessing bags," plastic bags filled with hygiene products and handwritten notes, to give to homeless people they would encounter around Los Angeles. 


In May 2019, inspired to bring awareness to ending violence towards people of faith and other social justice issues, New Zealanders and their friends from around the world came together to develop 1-hour local service projects. Throughout 2020, individuals and groups across the globe donated 1-hour of their time to over 400 communities to inaugurate the first Global GVBACK Tuesday.

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